Challenges & Passports

Adventure and discovery await you as you find specially placed hidden geocaches that take you to exciting new places around the province. Once you have found the required number of geocaches for each challenge, you may send in your completed passport for a chance to earn prizes.

Image_21271. Kejimkujik Passport Challenges

There are several passport challenges to be found in Kejimkujik National Park.

To start your challenges, download:

You can choose to hunt for one or several of the challenges to receive a prize of a geocoin or souvenir token. Find each cache in the respective series in the park and punch the passport with the tool provided in each cache. Once you have finished, bring your completed passport to the Visitor Centre to receive your geocoin or souvenir token.



annapolis-valley-tour-42. Gulf of Maine GeoTour

The Gulf of Maine Council GeoTour was created to encourage people to get out, learn about and experience the beauty and value of the Gulf of Maine for themselves. The GeoTour is a scavenger hunt where you will find answers to site specific questions and collect points.

To start the challenge:

Your treasure will be a Limited Edition Gulf of Maine Council 25th Anniversary Geocoin, available to you when you send in your GeoTour Passport.



graves23. NS Provincial Parks Program

This geocaching challenge will enable you to earn up to six geocoins. You may complete the passport by theme or region. As you visit each geocache, punch the appropriate location on the passport. You can submit the passport as you complete each region to receive the corresponding geocoin. Or you may submit them by theme to receive the geocoin for each theme. If you complete all fifteen caches you will receive a total of six (6) geocoins – three (3) region and three (3) theme geocoins.

To start the challenge:

Once you have completed the challenge, you may claim your geocoin by contacting:

Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources
Parks and Recreation Division
RR#1, Belmont, Colchester County,
Nova Scotia B0M 1C0
Tel: 902-662-3030

Geocaches by region:


Geocaches by theme:




overbridgetown4. County of Annapolis Adventure Quest

This geocache passport program will have you getting outside and exploring Annapolis County and learning how fun geocaching can be! You will be looking for 10 geocaches throughout the county. Your goal is to retrieve the hidden word in each geocache. You will fill in the passport each time you find 1 of the 10 caches until you have completed all 10.

To start the challenge:

Annapolis Royal Office
752 St. George Street
Annapolis Royal, NS
Bridgetown Office
271 Granville Street
Bridgetown, Nova Scotia
Lawrencetown Office
396 Main Street
Lawrencetown, Nova Scotia
Or mail to:
County of Annapolis
Attn: Adventure Quest: Geocache Passport
PO Box 100
Annapolis Royal, NS B0S1A0
Fax to: 902-532-2096

The first 100 people to complete and submit the Geocache Passport will receive a limited edition wooden nickel trackable coin.







slide-75. County of Annapolis Adventure Quest II

Adventure Quest: Geocache Passport II is the County of Annapolis’s second geocache program. The program will have participants corssing the County looking for 11 specific geocaches. Once you have found all 11 geocaches, and completed this form, turn it in to any County office listed. The first 100 people to do so will receive a limited edition silber trackable coin.

To start the challenge:

To receive your County of Annapolis Adventure Quest Geocache Passport trackable coin, bring, fax, or mail your completed passport to:

County of Annapolis
Attn: Adventure Quest: Geocache Passport
PO Box 609
Bridgetown, NS   B0S 1C0
Fax: 902-665-5011



cape-breton36. Cape Breton Highlands

The passport in Cape Breton Highlands National Park is a challenging but exciting adventure. If you complete all 5 geocaches, you will have hiked between 17 to 21 kms and driven from Cheticamp to Ingonish within the park; for a duration of 6-9 hours. You will be looking for container with a log book, pencil & punch (for your passport), along with an article which describes in more detail the region you are in while visiting each cache. Read the article, answer the question at the end in your passport along with using the punch.

To start the challenge:

  • Download the geocaches gpx files
  • Drop by the Chéticamp or Ingonish Visitor Centre to pick up your passport.

To claim your geocoin, bring your completed passport (including answers) to the Chéticamp or Ingonish Visitor Centre


capebreton-3007. Forest Keepers Passport

The Forest Keepers Passport helps you learn about looking after the forests of Cape Breton Highlands National Park while you geocache and earn a geocoin.

You can explore the forests and restoration projects for yourself, and while you’re there, look for the postcards telling you what you can learn about the forests in the park.

To start your challenges:

  1. Follow the coordinates on the passport to each geocache.
  2. Read the postcard in the cache.
  3. Copy the postcard stamp into the grid on your passport.
  4. Use the grid to unscramble the picture and the word.
  5. Make sure to leave the postcard where you found it for the nest Forest Keeper (but please don’t leave anything else behind).
  6. When you have solved the puzzle, bring it back to the visitor centre in Ingonish or Chéticamp.
  7. Show your completed cacheport to a Parks Canada staff member, along with your park pass
  8. Collect your limited edition Forest Keepers Geocoin

Happy Caching!

8. Queens Crown Passport


The Queens Crown Passport is your gateway to exploring Queens County via geocaching. You are invited to pick and choose which caches you’d like to find. Each geocache has a code printed on the inside of the cache container’s lid. As you find the geocaches, record the code next to the cache number on you Queens Crown Passport and log the cache on

There are three levels of rewards:
Level 1
: Find 20 of the passport caches to be rewarded with a trackable button.
Level 2: Find 30-34 of the caches to receive a limited edition Queens Crown Passport trackable coin.
Level 3: Find all 35 passport caches and you’ll receive both the trackable button and coin.

To start your challenges:

  1. Read the code on the inside lid of each cache.
  2. Copy the code into the grid on your passport.
  3. Send the completed passport to the Region of Queens via email, fax, mail or in person.

Region of Queens Municipality
Recreation Department
249 White Point Road, PO Box 1264
Liverpool, NS B0T 1K0
Fax: 902-354-7473

Coins and buttons will be awarded on a first come first serve basis as supplies last. Only one coin or button per cacher name with a valid passport.


9. Shelburne County Geo Trail Adventure


The Shelburne County GeoTrail will take you on an adventurous journey throughout Shelburne County, Nova Scotia. It consists of 32 geocaches located throughout the County. Each cache has a unique code written on the inside of the cache’s container lid. As you find the geocaches, record the code next to the cache number on your Adventure Passport.

To start the challenge:

There are two levels of rewards for the GeoTrail Adventure:

Silver Level – Finding 18 + of the 32 caches, you will be rewarded with a Shelburne County Geotrail trackable button.

Gold Level – Finding 27-32 of the caches will reward you with a limited edition Shelburne County GeoTrail trackable coin.

When you have completed a level, please mail your completed passport (retain a copy for your own records), or stop in to the Shelburne County Tourism Manager’s office during business hours to obtain your reward.

Shelburne County Tourism
2447 Highway 3,
P.O. Box 61,
Barrington, Nova Scotia
B0W 1E0
Fax: 902-637-2075

Coins and buttons with be awarded on a first come first serve basis as supplies last. Only one coin and/or button per cacher name with a valid passport.

Happy Caching!